You want your dental clinic to be presented as a professional, glamorous establishment. You also want to ensure that your staff and clients have access to the greatest and most innovative dental tools and techniques.

To help you achieve these goals, the water your business uses every day in cleaning instruments and working on patients' mouths should be pure and clean. Here are four ways that having your dental clinic's water supply conditioned can benefit your business. 


Treated water contains fewer sediments and minerals than traditional well or city water does. This means that the dental tools you use every day in your clinic are able to function better, longer. When sediment and minerals, such as calcium, get filtered through your dental drills, syringes and other tools, the materials can get lodged in hard-to-clean areas and eventually lead to buildup. 

To protect your expensive dental equipment and ensure everything works as well as it should, consider having your water treated. Your professional water treatment expert can recommend the best type of filtration system for your dental clinic. 


Your dental clinic should have pure, clean water that is free of excess minerals and bacteria, especially since you use water to help cleanse your patients' mouths. Your water treatment regimen can include a professional water test to see what types of issues you may be dealing with. A water treatment specialist takes samples from your dental clinic's sinks and flowing water supply and then sends the samples to a lab. 

If you have a water treatment system in place, you won’t have to worry about the results of this kind of test. You can use the results of this test to reassure your patients of the quality of the care they are receiving at your clinic. 

If you don’t already have a water treatment system in place, then this test will help you know how much fluoride, calcium, and other minerals and sediments are concentrated in your water supply. This knowledge can then help you choose a custom water treatment system for your clinic that will allow you to supply the cleanest water possible for your dental patients. 


Minerals and sediments in your water supply cause your dental clinic's water heater to work harder to heat water. The harder your water heater works, the more money your practice will end up spending in energy costs. 

You can save money by having a water treatment system put in place in your dental clinic. Not only will your water heater function more effectively, it will also save you money by protecting your plumbing system against mineral and sediment buildup, which can eventually wear down lines and causes costly clogs. Talk to your water treatment specialist about other potential money-saving benefits you can enjoy in having a water softener installed in your dental clinic. 


With cleaner tools and better access to healthier water, your patients can visit your dental practice with confidence. You can feel more confident as well, knowing that your patients are receiving the best dental care possible.

You can promote your dental clinic as being more conscious of patient health by allowing patients to know that your water is treated for lead, calcium, fluoride and other additives that can compromise the health of your area's drinking water. If you are concerned about the water your dental clinic has access to, you can invest in a water treatment system to give you greater peace of mind. A water softener can benefit your business by making your water cleaner and more effective in keeping your patients healthy. 

If you have questions about how a water conditioner works, a water treatment specialist can inform you of the specific benefits your dental clinic can take advantage of by having a system put in place. The experts at AquaTec Water Conditioning can assist you in making your water as clean and healthy as possible for you and your dental patients.