Tailored to Your Facility’s Needs

We understand the importance of clean, deionized water in medical practice. That’s why we specialize in providing water conditioning options for companies in the medical and chemical fields. Each of our systems is state-of-the-art, giving you the advanced treatments you need to be confident in the quality of your clinic’s water. From assisted-living facilities to clinics and hospitals, we have the water treatment system and products to meet your specific needs.

Consistent, Accurate Lab Work

Because the minerals and ions in water can affect other compounds and elements in chemical research and medical lab work, it’s essential the water be pure and mineral-free. Our highly-trained staff will ensure your water conditioner properly deionizes the water for your lab or facility, giving you the tools you need to perform accurate work.

Increasing Comfort

Hard water can leave residue on linens, walls and more. The hard water makes the linens dull and can decrease the efficiency of your facility’s appliances as the minerals from the water accumulate. With our water treatment systems, you can trust that your boilers, laundry equipment and more will function efficiently long-term. With soft water, your linens will be softer, giving your patients whiter, more luxurious sheets.

With soft water provided by our conditioning systems, your employees and patients will also have fresh-tasting water to keep them hydrated as they work and recover from illness or injury.